"As a leading national contractor, the adoption of MSite complements our longstanding, respected and conscientious approach and commitment to the health and safety of every individual on our sites. MSite had a number of key differentiators that made it the preferred choice for Shepherd Construction."

Darren Shattock - SHE Director, Shepherd Construction

MSite Pods and Security Cabins across multiple Shepherd Construction sites


Shepherd’s primary objective was to enhance their operations and ensure that they could more efficiently control all movements on and off site. Shepherd needed to accurately record the information in such a way that would allow them to proactively monitor and review the data captured across the entire business to enhance their overall Health, Safety and Environment performance.

The challenge

The overriding challenge for Shepherd was the ability to instantly access 100% accurate information relating to the hours worked on site by all personnel across their entire business. This needed to cover both directly employed and sub-contracted labour to enable a meaningful calculation of Accident Frequency Rate (AFR).

The Solution

Human Recognition Systems provided a single instance of MSite in the cloud to manage all sites across Shepherd’s entire business.

Reporting is segmented, so that site teams can only see and report on their own project, whereas a regional manager can run cumulative reports across their region and similarly a company director can access all reports across the entire business. Key features are:

  • Pre-Enrolment of sub-contractors
  • Operatives only enrol once and their profile and history travel with them from project to project
  • Access can be restricted for an operative or sub-contract group instantly across the entire business
  • Cross-site cumulative reporting

The Result

MSite is now deployed to all Shepherd projects without exception. This has enabled Shepherd to complete the accident frequency rate calculation accurately with confidence. Pre-enrolment has been adopted across all sites, with some sites achieving pre-enrolment rates of nearly 75% of the total workers on site.

Furthermore the MSite solution is now used to monitor sub-contractor performance across the entire company in areas such as time spent on site versus time spent in site welfare areas, accreditation policy compliance, local labour performance and working time directive adherence.

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