Queue Measurement
& Passenger Validation

The original and still the industry leading biometric queue measurement and passenger validation system for airports.

Fast Passenger Processing


MFlow uses lightning-fast biometric hardware and a well-engineered data architecture to ensure passengers are processed with unparalleled speed and minimal equipment.

98% of passengers are processed automatically

For Everyone

Made to do the work so your passengers (or staff) don’t have to, MFlow is proven to capture over 98% of passengers automatically, leaving only 2% to be manually processed.

iris recognition at distance


MFlow uses the strongest biometric identification technologies available today to make sure only the right passengers board the right plane.

iris recognition and ISO quality face image capture

Auto Registration

MFlow uses the passenger barcode to determine their identity before automatically capturing their biometric and ISO quality photograph and creating the passenger record

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Flight validation

Flight Check

Using a live link to your Airport Operational Database (AODB), MFlow’s configurable rules engine ensures that passengers only gain access to your security area if:

  • Their flight is flying within an allowed time window – prevent passengers from entering the departure lounge too early
  • They are in the correct airport and terminal
  • The passenger has enough time to get to their gate (using an MFlow queue measurement data feed)
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Manual Gates

Automatic and Manual Gates

MFlow integrates with several industry-leading automatic gates and barcode scanners. Contact us to discuss your automatic gate requirements. Where automatic gates are not suitable, MFlow provides a simple, intuitive airport-branded desktop app for manual passenger validation.

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Common User Lounge

Common User Lounge

With passenger identity registered on entry and then ascertained at the gate, you can rest assured the right people are boarding their flights, allowing your airport to realise operational efficiencies such as a common user lounge.

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Automatic Boarding

Automatic Boarding

By simply adding an automatic gate to MFlow at your boarding gates, passengers can use their boarding card and biometric details to freely board the aircraft, alleviating queues and reducing staff requirememts.

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Security Watch List

Security Watch List

Use MFlow to automatically send pictures and last-known locations of passengers whose details match people stored in your watch list.

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Capture Rate

Unparalleled Capture Rate

If you want to measure passengers, measure passengers and not their devices. This ethos has propelled MFlow to achieve a richness and accuracy of data that cannot be matched by tracking devices.

Proven Solution

Trusted & Proven

MFlow is trusted at airports around the world, including many of the UK's largest.

Passenger Differentiation

Passenger Differentiation

Only MFlow is able to differentiate between passengers of different classifications (premium/standard or EU/Non-EU) where passengers are filtered into adjacent lanes.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Industry-leading facial recognition ensures every passenger is highly likely to be sampled whilst remaining completely anonymous.

  • Anonymously and passively captures passengers’ facial features as they enter the airport and then tracks them through their journey.
  • Up to 10 times the capture rate of device tracking solutions.
  • No third party apps or devices are required; the passenger does not need to switch on any technology.
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Demographic Analysis

Demographic Analysis

Capturing passenger faces also gives airport retail and marketing teams the ability to determine a demographic breakdown of the passenger population for each area of the airport, by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
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MFlow Passenger Display

Passenger Display

MFlow's Passenger Display module allows your passengers to choose the fastest route through the airport, meaning queues naturally manage themselves.

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MFlow dashboard and alerts

Dashboard & Alerts

Accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer, MFlow's dashboard provides a powerful insight into what's going on right now in your airport and alerts can also be configured to warn duty managers when a breach of queue time thresholds is approaching.

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Our powerful API has allowed MFlow to provide valuable data to numerous 3rd party airport systems. Additionally, MFlow can use passenger transactional data provided by other sensors and equipment including, automatic gates, archway metal detectors and X-ray systems.

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