Portable, multi-modal biometric identity management
platform for remote and hostile environments.

MForce is a multi-modal biometric platform that can be deployed through fixed, portable and mobile devices to deliver the benefits of positive identification to organisations working in remote, expansive or hostile environments.

Multi-modal mobile bioimetric identity management system


MForce is device and algorithm agnostic, allowing you the flexibility to "mix and match" biometric technologies

Mobile biometric enrolment and identification


Full biometric enrolment, identification and management on robust mobile devices

Fusion biometric matching for accuracy with poor quality data


Poor quality/incomplete biometric data may be used to yield highly accurate results through enhanced biometric fusion matching

Biometric Identity Management

Biometric Identity Management

MForce combines rugged biometric capture hardware with industry-leading biometric matching algorithms to manage the identity of large populations in the most demanding of environments. MForce supports:

  • Iris Recognition
  • Slap, Roll and Single Digit Fingerprint Identification
  • Face Recognition
  • Biometric Fusion - when one biometric alone cannot find a match
  • Latent Fingerprint Matching - prints lifted from a crime scene can be scanned and matched
Demographic Dashboard

Demographic Dashboard

With your personnel data securely stored, the MForce Demographic Dashboard provides an instant picture of your population demographics in a simple, graphical breakdown. Any fields from personnel records are able to be displayed, including:

  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Ethnicity
  • Rank
  • Batallion
Biometric Payment Management

Payment Management

MForce uses biometric identification to ensure that only the right personnel are paid for their services. Payments can be processed on the spot, or vouchers can be issued for later recompense, using mobile printers.

  • Biometric Identification
  • Mobile Receipt/Voucher Printing
  • Payment Reports
Biometric Training and Asset Management

Training & Asset Management

MForce stores training attendance records against personnel to effectively manage the training status of humanitarian forces on the ground. In addition, biometric identification can be used at the point of issuance of assets to prove that personnel received them. Ideal for issuance of :

  • Medical Kits
  • Weapons
  • Computers & Phones
ID Card Production

ID Card Production

MForce produces bureau-quality ID Cards for civilian and military personnel. MForce is used to produce the National ID Card for:

  • The Somali Police Force
  • The Somali Military
  • The Somali Department of Corrections

Take MForce for a Test Drive

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