“I really do believe the potential benefits of implementing this system are game changing for Balfour Beatty.”

Andy Ormerod - MD of Plant & Fleet Services, Balfour Beatty


Balfour Beatty is the largest construction contractor in the UK, delivering major infrastructure projects with efficiency and innovation since it began over 100 years ago.

As part of a continuous improvement drive from Leo Quinn, the Balfour Beatty CEO, coupled with the organisation’s long term ‘build to last’ strategy, a major internal project was initiated to standardise key site processes. One area of focus was access control, or the process of controlling the entry and exit of the construction workforce on site.

Numerous, varying methods of access control existed across Balfour Beatty’s site portfolio, so a single agreed solution was considered paramount by Balfour Beatty to ensure the key standardisation objective was achieved.

The challenge

Balfour Beatty instigated the search for a sole supplier of access control in July 2016 with the following stakeholder requirements:

  • Short lead times from order through to implementation
  • A portable solution, with minimal disruption to other site processes from installation to removal
  • Large production volumes to meet Balfour Beatty’s needs as the UK’s largest construction contractor
  • Competitive pricing
  • A single, enterprise level reporting mechanism
  • Impeccable data protection credentials and the ability to control the huge amount of workforce data that needed to be stored by Balfour Beatty

The Solution

MSite is the UK’s industry leading supplier of biometric access control and workforce management systems for construction, so it was a natural choice for Balfour Beatty to achieve their objectives on all live and new sites. MSite captures and records worker identity information as they pass through the access control system, thus allowing Balfour Beatty complete visibility of their entire workforce at every stage of their interaction with the site.

Beginning with a trial period that took place over 12 weeks on 10 sites, the positive results from this trial resulted in further sites and eventually the whole company adopting MSite as the single access control solution.

“Usage of a standard biometric system across our business, coupled with a physical turnstile barrier, really allows us to ensure the right people are coming onto our sites.” John Barrie – Security Operations Manager, Balfour Beatty.

The Result

Before the trial with MSite, Balfour Beatty’s objective was to find a physical barrier to be used as standard across all sites, replacing the variety of solutions used by individual sites before. As the trial progressed, it became apparent MSite would meet Balfour Beatty’s challenges and achieve the goal of company-wide access control standardisation.

Additional unforeseen benefits for Balfour Beatty arose from the adoption of a unified access control system in the form of MSite; including a shared dashboard containing everything a site manager needed to know about their workforce and the capacity to satisfy the central reporting requirements of workforce diversity, time and attendance and so much more. After the trial, Andy Ormerod - Managing Director of Plant & Fleet Services at Balfour Beatty - described the MSite system as: “The new optimum standard for access control at Balfour Beatty.”

MSite has now signed a framework agreement with Balfour Beatty to provide MSite access control systems to all new and live projects. Over the next few years the company will continue to see the cost, security, safety and efficiency benefits MSite can bring, and in the words of Andy Ormerod: “I really do believe the potential benefits of implementing this system are game changing for Balfour Beatty.”

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