Momentum was established as a reaction to businesses, developers and technologists alike getting used to using technology in established and familiar ways often stifling innovation. We aim to bring people together to discuss, learn and explore new technologies and products and then to take this back to our businesses to innovate and change the normal work patterns.

Every quarter we will be bringing together lightning talks from across the field that explore ideas and concepts that are new for the most of us. Why not join us and be the innovation in your business!
6pm Start
22 Jan. 2018
Hosted at: The Bunker,
Innovation Blvd,

We're back! This Quarter's Meetup will only feature two talks instead of trying to fit in three.

First up is Dan Roberts ( presenting on Bridge.Net, An Open Source C# to JavaScript Compiler with Frameworks. (

Second we are having our first "Tag Team" presentation where Michael James ( Leon Pennington are going to talk about the WebUSB API ( and show some "cool" things they have been doing with it.

As always there will be pizza and drinks arriving at 6:30pm with a short interval between talks. With the offical end being 9pm with people hanging around until 9:30pm ish. Doors will open at 6:00pm.

Please RSVP and get your friends to as well to ensure we have enough food and drink.

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